Please be aware of our appointment policy. Appointment will be cancelled for clients who are more than 5 minutes late to their appointment time (Refer to POLICY page for more information).

Our Story

The founder of Buzzing Bee Kids and Family Hair Salon, Pat, has many years of experiences working in the cosmetology field in salons catered to adults. Although she is experienced with all sorts of hair beautification, such as coloring, highlighting, keratin and other hair care treatments, her passion has always been hair styling. She entered children's hair styling field by chance, after many years of working in adult salons, and discovered her love and passion of working with children which led to the creation of Buzzing Bee Kids and Family Hair Salon.

She still attends beauty shows and keeps herself educated through private classes regarding new techniques for adult hair styling. She then modifies the techniques for use in children hair styling.


At Buzzing Bee, we believe getting a haircut should not be an unpleasant experience for children. This is why we created, what we believe is, a balanced and clean environment that is friendly, calm and fun. Our atmosphere is inviting but not over stimulating and we included TVs with movies and Xboxes into our design. Toys are also available to keep children entertained while they wait for their haircut!

Not time for haircut yet? No problem. We invite you to drop by to say hi and for your child or children to get familiar with our friendly and fun environment. We love to hear from and see you.

Our Philosophy

A unique perspective

At Buzzing Bee, we recognize that each child is unique in his/her own way. This requires our stylist to view from and understand each child’s unique perspective and adapt to the child’s needs to achieve the best result.


For children, hair cutting can be a frighten experience involving unfamiliar sounds and sensations. Each child reacts differently. Our stylists understand this and will take the time and patience to discover what works with each child and make the experience less frightful.

Bonding and Trust

It is important for a child to trust his/her stylists. This is why we emphasize on bond building between our stylists and each child. Through interaction, our stylists seek to establish friendship with their little customers, which build trust overtime.

Make it fun

It is our top priority to provide a fun filled experience for each child. Not only does it aid in bond and trust building, it also puts a child's minds at ease and make the experience more pleasurable. Associating fun with hair cutting dramatically changes a child's behavior and improves the end result.